Girls & Guys, Whats your opinion on nice guys becoming nice guy/bad boy hybrids so your better than both sides?

That way she gets the best of both. So girls won't get bored or you won't "finish last". You still act like your nice, loving, caring, romantic, and loyal self. But you also do the same things that the bad boy does to keep girls interested, but with none of the drama/lying/cheating.

You can practice becoming more confident. Start pretendimg you are, after awhile you'll realize your not pretending anymore. You can practice doing their tactics until you can get it right, where girls will respond to it. Most bad boys won't change their ways and even if they try to adjust like you, your nice guy qualities are real and itll probaly show.

its doable I've done it. Whats your opinions on this? And this is meant to help you assuming the girls you want find you attractive enough to date. The attractiveness issue is whole different story.

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Keep in mind he has "none" of the negative qualities of the bad boy.
For girls who dont like it, can you explain why?


Most Helpful Guy

  • So basically a nice guy with a backbone, someone who don't let others step on him, someone that's confident and goes for what he wants.
    Basically a guy with the best qualities of both "types" and not the bad qualities. Obviously that would be perfect.


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  • I dont like it.


What Guys Said 5

  • yup... but nice guy more? or bad boy more?

  • I would not really be in favour of that idea - I would prefer to stay the way I am and not change.

  • It's stupid, just be yourself. If a woman doesn't like me for who I am, than she can find someone she does like.

  • I think this already describes me

  • I don't like it. by the way, you don't have to separate the votes of guys and girls. The poll keeps track of votes by gender as well.