Girls, What are signs on Facebook a girl likes you?

Hey I met this girl on a online dating site, she accepted my friend request on facebook and we have talked for over a month now.
i mean like in coversations not just her liking posts?

Would one be her taking the time to actually talk with you?


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  • You need to meet in person. Every interaction online is false

    • I agree with that. I met this guy online and met in person finally. Yea, he was so different from what i fantasied about him. But most of the time, i find the guy more attractive after I meet him in person.


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  • You should just ask to hang out with her. Every person uses different 'flirting' techniques online. You'd have to be able to compare her interactions to others that she talks to. But if it was me, I'd take a leap and ask her on a date.

  • You should ask her out!

    • i did she said she wasn't looking for anything at the moment but she did say she may be moving and i think she just came out of a bad breakup. Should i ask her again in a month?

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    • Thats a good sign! Yea if i dont like the guy I will definitely tell him a big NO. Just keep in touch with her and hopefully she will open up to you :) good luck! Xx

    • thanks I thought as much as she said aww i'm sorry and said thanks for asking her, she did say she was thinking of moving away and i think she may have come out a bad relationship do you think they would be big factors in why she is not looking for anything in the moment, would just like to a get a women's opinion on it.

      also quick question about Facebook on mobiles do people have trouble with their connections or does it play up on phones, i ask this as she always reply's to me when it says web in the chat thing but a she replies a lot less when it says mobile?

  • is she likes your posts.