What do I do if a guy hasn't called back after sex?

i met this guy back in Sept (its now Nov) we have talked a lot since then hung out a couple times and hooked up once. w/out having sex. it wasn't until this past week that we hung out and finally had sex. I do have a boyfriend and this guy knows it, however as of now my boyfriend and I have an open relationship. so after sex that night he slept over he cuddled with me all night to the point it was almost sickening and then had sex again in the morning. I didn't hear from him till 2 days later but I had initiated the convo. its now been 5 days and he hasn't called or texted me. normally he would of called by now. even though I'm not looking for anything serious and he knows this I was hoping everything would stay the same as before, what should I do?


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  • I would say, stop hoping and just accept it how it is. He's not calling you and you don't want anything from him but sex. So don't worry about not being able to hook up with someone. Bothering him will only make you seem desperate. Soooo just get out there and have fun and stop worrying.


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  • he hit it and quit it


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  • Honestly, he doesn't want to talk to you. For whatever reason. And there's really nothing you can do. If he one day wants to pick up the phone and make contact, then you can decide then if you want to continue with a friendship or not.