Girls, Why do so many people settle in terms of dating?

Girls: I want a guy with a charming personality/smart/tall/ has passion/funny. She ends up with a short guy, who is only smart who is socially awkward and kinda cold and no common interests?


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  • All I can say is you can't help who you fall in love with. And the thing is, when you love them it doesn't matter any more that they aren't what you thought you wanted or the guy you had invisioned because you love them and so they are perfect.


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  • because you can't get everything you want. That's not how life works. If you look towards the girls with a list of standards waiting for Mr. perfect you notice they've been waiting for years and are alone. All you can realistically do is find the person that has most of the qualities you want or the qualities you favor the most and if your really desperate and too impatient to wait you settle for the bottom of the barrel with a pulse.

  • You can't help who you fall for. You might want all those things in a mate, but realistically it's rare to get every single thing. It's more of a guideline, and not really must-haves. There are deal breakers though, and if they have things on that I won't date them or "settle".