Is this bad? Is this a form of cheating?

I've recently started this guy, who is amazing he treats SO well, every date we've had he's gone to so much effort to make sure I have a good time. He's super nice to me and super respectful which I love. But before him, I was also talking to another guy - who id been on a date with, nothing really came of it, we got on really well and I have seen him recently to catch up because we haven't spoke in months. I also spoke to another guy who I haven't spoken to in a while. Is this bad? I don't like these two guys at all, I see them more as friends. Meeting the two guys recently made me realise, the New guy I met recently is just different and I actually like him. I feel bad though, for meeting other guys behind his back... I told myself I've only been on dates with this new guy, we're not together yet but a part of me feels guilty...


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  • No I do not believe it is cheating if you two are not in a relationship or decided to be exclusive to each other. Beside you have not talked to either of the other two in awhile so you should be just fine. If it eases your conscious then tell the new guy you saw these two guys before you and him started seeing each other and that there is nothing there


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  • dont be sad dear just go for it my ex girlfriend broke up with me then i really want to thanks her if i didn't break up i wouldn't have the chance to meet my new girlfriend whom matching with me in every way so dont feel bad just go for the new one and both of other 2 guys they will meet new girls don't worry u aren't the last one in life for them lol they will survive after u easley.


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  • I don't consider it cheating because you're not in a relationship with him.