I was offered to be an escort?

This is hilarious and humiliating lol
We were in Vegas and a man approached us, offering us to become an escort in his agency. The fun part is that he said his name was Listerman and he only worked with russian millioners.
Like seriously, apparantly its his job haha
Looking for girls everywhere to "sell" them for their men.
We laughed and left.
But it made me think:are there any girls who would agree to do that? like really? I hardly belive its posible.
(He was so annoying and creepy ))


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  • Oh my goodness! Was he about 5'7 with short sandy blonde hair and dark eyes?
    I ran into the same dude a few years ago and he gave me a business card. It said,
    " tired of being a good girl?"

    • Oh my ! what)) I dont remember but he was short, with glasses kinda bold. I think he's russian jew.

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    • ok. like this is Too funny))) i didn't check your pic before and now i did... and damn, I'm mixed race too haha
      they have their type or something... XD XD

    • Weirdos. They need a type "we aren't interested" p


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  • probably those who need money. These people target students who can't pay their tuition fee. It's very sad if you ask me.

    • Honestly it made me think of my appearance, why he thought its good idea to even offer this to me.
      And yes, its sad i agree.

    • Since you're young he must have assumed you to be a student requiring money. As I told you they approach young girls only who seem like college students.

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  • Maybe not as rare as you might think.

  • not surprised there are girls that agree to do porn and strip.

  • There's plenty of girls who would agree to do that.. If they aren't already are

  • that is so weird...