Why do I keep getting rejected?

I'm ready to throw in the towel on finding a girl because they all reject me (In this very moment, it has also happened). I'm nice to them, I make them laugh, and they always turn me down. I'm not a desperate guy either. I just wonder what is it that I'm doing wrong? I don't go for the super pretty girls because that's basically setting myself up for an embarassment in terms of rejection, Even the average looking girls do that to as well smh


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  • You're preaching to the choir!

    Anyway, I've also been rejected by every single girl. Mind you, the first time I asked a girl out was on December 29th, 2003, so this has been over 11 years now. I must have asked out 100 girls by now (I lost count back in my first year of college.) I know what it's like.

    To answer your question, girls our age group are shallow about how much money a guy makes. Most of them are gold-diggers and that's why all the rich guys get girls, regardless of how they look, how they act or who they are. It's sickening really. There is nothing we can do about it.

    • You're absolutely right! I've noticed that about some girls that are my age. I know this one guy that is not good looking at all, but he has a really pretty girl. He also makes a good amount of money and has a badass car haha

    • Yeah I mean it's ridiculous. I'm a hard-working guy, confident, funny and I get along with people but since I'm broke, I'm single.


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  • Well. First of all. Don't get too down on yourself about girls. I'll tell you from experience and seeing a lot of people wanting and in relationship's that the right person simply comes at the right time. Be confident! I know that is easier said than done but it sounds like your setting yourself up for rejection simply because that is what you expect. Change your mind set. Write down all the positive qualities about yourself and honor them. Say to yourself, any girl would be LUCKY to have a man like you... because they would! Don't lower your standards either. Know yourself, know your worth, know what you want, be confident in yourself and then go get it. When you put positivity out in the universe that is what will come back to you. Expect good outcomes and little by little, that is what you will see. I send my love to you.


    • You don't set yourself up for rejection because that's what you expect. That's something that looks nice on a bumper sticker but isn't logical. You can think a girl isn't going to reject you and get rejected, while you can think a girl is not going to reject you and still get accepted. Sorry but you sound like a motivational speaker, instead of someone who is actually trying to help.

      The truth is, girls in our age group are gold-diggers.

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    • @Asker Girls our age don't like confidence either. They think confident guys are "cocky" and "creepers."

    • @gemini888 I don't mind you trying to help but let's face it: We know guys with no confidence, who are negative all of the time but since they're wealthy, they can get any girl. Look at 'Hugh Hefner as an example. Meanwhile, guys like me who are friendly, hard-working and confident get rejected because we're not as fortunate.

  • Do you hold their hand or try to kiss them? Because if you don't do that chances are good they friendzone you, you need to let them know you are interested in them romantically

    • What does this have to do with it? Lol

      Girls in my age group only want money. I see more open-minded women your age but all girls want in their 20's is to be spoiled or have money.

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    • The problem is, it's illegal to hire an escort around here and I can't ruin my career as a teacher lol

    • I think it's illegal everywhere buddy except Nevada

  • Maybe they're scared to be in a relationship?

    I've turned down guys because I'm afraid to date them. Girls can be weenies too

    • Then why do they flirt with me or lead me on and then when I try to get closer to them they reject me?

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  • they dont want to get off the carousel. in other words they dont think you will be a fun ride.

  • you should post a conversation you have had , where you get rejected. it would help me understand

  • you gotta be a badboy, then they will love you like they love soap operas.