How did u fart for the first time in front of your partner or ex partner? How did they react?

Eg. Did u just do it with no warning, did u warn them or talk about it first? Describe how it happened.


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  • I don't have a partner and I have never had any ex partners. I think I would want to know how the girl feels on the subject of farts before I did it around her. I personally am completely open about a girl farting around me. So relaxed a girl could fart all through the first date and I would not be the slightest bit turned off her and I also would not judge her for it like some guys do either. I am just super chill about girls farting. :)

  • I haven't but there have been times, especially when a woman is in the throes of a massive orgasm, or a multitude of orgasms, that I have seen her looses control and this has happened. I don't care. She was simply no longer in control of her body.


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