Girls, When you meet a Random guy in this situation , what would you do?

You meet a Random guy you are sexually attracted to, for the first time and have a conversation.

How would you compliment him , when you fancy him?

Girls opinion.



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  • Hello Mr. Random😊

    • Hi... You remember me:) How are you?

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    • How can you not know if you have a connection?(i agree connection's where it's at for me to bang someone also👍)

      You shouldn't feel like a creep if they have already given you the sexual vibe

    • We bang people with connection :)... Way to go.. haha.. lol. Connection is an instinct i guess :)

      If they are brave enough to tease me, as a group, why are they so quiet individually?


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  • For me, there's a huge difference between being attracted to a guy and being interested in him. I don't treat strangers I'm attracted to any differently than I do ones I'm not. They're still strangers, after all.

    • Thanks:) Can you please shortly tell me what is the difference between being attracted to a guy and interested in him?

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    • I watch movement. Maybe A's interesting or dynamic or has some sort of facial thing. But I'm pretty awkward and can find eye contact uncomfortable. Maybe A's intimidating, and I'm watching the reason or trying to figure out why, but don't want to be caught staring. Maybe B's totally nonthreatening -or too intimidating to turn away from.

      Assuming both are strangers, here.

    • Thanks ;)

  • I would grab him by the ass and tell him he has a nice butt

    • Thanks:) Really... would you dare to do that to a Random guy... Lol ;)

  • Look up some cute pick up lines like, hey I lost my number you think I could have yours? That way you have his number and then look up cute pick up lines and text them too him. Hope this helped. :)