Guys, What should I wear on our first date? Pictures please?

I am going on our first date. We haven't decided between nice restaurant or bowling and then stargazing at this place in the woods. I would much rather go stargazing after bowling but he would rather go to the restaurant. I guess I should just go to the restaurant because it would make him happy but I wouldn't know what to wear. Guys, what would you like to see your girlfriend wearing to a nice restaurant compared to a casual night? Please post pictures or at least be descriptive. Also, would you rather go on a date to a restaurant (splitting the check) or bowling/stargazing (also splitting the bowling payment)? Thank you!

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  • As far as what to wear, go with something that leaves the guy wanting more but yet I came to look good. Nice boots like the other guy, summer dress or jeans, and if you need a shirt go with a dressy tight looking shirt you'd wear out on the town.

    You're date location and what you should do should all be on the guy however. If you desire a man he'll make the date simple for you: show up and look hot. If he's asking you what you want to do and always asking things besides when you're free you have a beta male problem sugarfoot.

    • Thank you very much 😄


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  • First date shouldn't set the bar too high. I'd just go to a restaurant. Nothing super high class or intimidating. Just like a good burger place or something. And personally, I'd say wear jeans and a black shirt. And boots. That's like the best thing ever

  • I would assume girls know better on how to pick an outfit, but this questions only open for the d00ds lol.

    its somewhat casual, go with a cardigan, jeans, a nice handbag and some flats.

    boom you're set.

  • I'd rather go hiking in the morning, with a picnic packed for lunch. Then, go down to the old German Village and visit the shops. Go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and then see a movie together to end the night. And she can wear whatever she likes to wear.

    • That sounds soooo perfect!

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    • Alright, thank you

    • That's why the movie at the end. We should have spent the whole day talking, getting to know one another, and learning to be comfortable around each other. The movie would be something to set us up on the emotional level for a potential kiss and to give us one last piece of conversation material on our way home. (I'd pick a sappy movie because I know better).

  • Maybe he wants to make you feel comfortable by going to a public place. Dress for the scene.

    • Yeah, that is probably right. Thanks

    • I suggest don't wear heels. That way you can go do whatever. Take things slow and get to know him.

    • Alright, no heels & takin it slow. gotcha

  • How about this dress for a nice restaurant:

  • casual nice clothing.

    Go some where where there is a lot of people in case the guy is a creep.

  • You're under 18.
    I guess, jail?

  • It sounds too planned out when you say what you think you're going to do. Let the night unfold as it will. Besides, the weather could be crappy for stargazing, you never know

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    • Oh, I forgot to add, I'm not a stripper😁 but if I was-I would wear that xD thanks

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    • lol her boobs are so far apart

    • Well, boobs are not so important, I prefer the legs ;)