What would a charector trait or a physical trait someone would have that would completely turn you off from dating them?


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  • A guy having a tit-for-tat mentality.

    • What does that mean?

    • It means that he's childish and thinks scooping down to someone's level is teaching someone a lesson. Sorry, but I prefer when someone is the bigger person and decides to overpass conduct themselves as adults.

    • Yeah I agree. I would not want to deal with that.


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  • Being close minded to other's opinions and lifestyles.

    • Do you mean conservative?

    • No, not necessarily. I am very conservative, a hard core Republican. However, I'm so conservative, I am liberal on social issues. I couldn't care less what someone else is doing in their bedroom or at their doctor's office etc, and I do not believe it is anyone's business, especially the governments. That is conservatism to me: keeping government involvement as small as possible and out of where they do not need to be and spending as little money as possible and only when needed. I have many hard-core Republican friends that believe the same thing. It is the "I'm Republican because I'm a (bad) Christian" people that give conservatism a bad name.

    • Oh okay I see.

  • Anyone who supports dicrimination or holds certain views I strongly oppose.


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