Do you think my friend with benefits is feeling emotional toward me?

Oh well she texts me first every single day and we chat for hours.

When I say I'm meeting someone, she always asks me if it's a guy or a girl. One day, I gave her a pic or a girl for some reference and she asked me if she was one of my dates too. She seems to be interested in my social life/date.

Yesterday she told me she blew off a guy she was going to meet because he was not worth her time and that she doesn't want to meet guys online anymore due to many bad experiences she had.(we met online as well)

We are at very early stage, we only made out and is about to advance to more sexual intercourses. I was surprided she let me do what she's not really into such as like licking her entire body. (Except feet. Feet are gross) Yesterday she also sent me a lot of her nudes which I werent really interested in. Seemed like she wanted me to ask for them so I kinda did. All I know for sure is that she has not sent her topless pics to anyone except her ex boyfriend and me.

Well in the beginning of our open relationship, she was saying a lot about meeting others online and trying out new things and ever since we made out, she's saying she's tired of seeing random people online.


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  • YES she has feelings for you for sure, I would try talking about it and if its this early on you might as well date her if you really like her as well. Since she's getting emotionally attached to you i highly suggest you re-think the casual thing cuz someone will end up getting hurt. I just had this happen to me, met this guy, fell in love with him, continued to have casual sex with him anyway, an now he's not responding to my texts anymore, even though we get along so well together :( it really hurts

    • We are actually dating and yes I do have feelings for her. I did say to her that I like her a lot.

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    • She's not my girlfriend

    • oh well if your dating your NOT friends and your NOT fuck buddies either, you guys are potential mates to eachother i think. you should talk to her about where this is going cuz this was very confusing to me. cuz friends with benefits are just two friends having sex with NO intention of getting emotions involved so obviously your not that if you guys have feelings for eachother and friends do not have romantic feelings for eachother so your more than that.


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  • i think she is.

  • This is probably the first time she does friends with benefits with someone. She might feel as if it is a bigger relationship than it actually is/should be.

    • Her first time indeed

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  • She seems a bit insecure for herself, try to be nice to her.

  • I believe not!