Is how much we text a gauge of interest level?

My crush and I used to text everday. The last week, she stopped texting me while I was on vacation. We didn't talk for 3 days until I got home. When I got home we texted everyday and now she stopped texting again for 3 days. I see that she is on facebook every now and then.. So I am waiting for her to text me since she stopped the conversation. I don't want to annoy her

At the same time, when in person, she will ask me if I am going to go to certain hangouts that she is at.
And she still hugs me goodbye everytime we leave

So is texting less a problem? Should I be concerned? I just think about all the other people she is texting and I wish I was one of them. I am a little jealous


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  • I think texting more so gauges our level of boredom and lack of something else to do. Sometimes it is nice to make sure you send a few messages about your day before bed (especially since talking on the phone is so taboo now) but overall a lack of texting a lot is simply attributed to having a busy life.

    • That was kind of reassuring to me. Although we haven't texted for a couple of days now, I know she can't live without her phone. So while I sit here and miss her because we aren't texting, I know that chances are she isn't missing me at all because so many people text her.


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  • yeah it is.


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  • hmmm not always. but by some degree it is i guesss

  • How about just ask her out?