How to talk and ask out guys?

how do you ask a guy out "correctly"? And dont say "just do it" because we all know if i did know what to do i would have done it by now and i wouldn't have asked this question.

I really do have this fear of comming of too strong or too desperate.. I get really nervous around attractive guys and its pretty obvious. And i have heard that if guys know they can have you whenever they want they lose interest, thats why im afraid of comming of too strong, i dont want it to be too obvious im attracted to them.

I have no problem starting a convo with a guy if i need to ask them something (like a group project at school for example), but if its just for small talk or to flirt i never know what to talk about and thats why i chicken out.
And how earlie is too earlie to ask guys out? i dont really surround myself with guys a lot, so the guys i normally meet i meat maybe once or twice..

So i need some help, more detlajed help then "just do it"...


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  • say hi then talk about yourselves then ask to hang out.


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  • first of all... u should know if he likes u first :)

    and no when a gal asks out a guy she's not desperte


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  • ask casually if they want to go out and do something. kind of takes some balls but the more you do it the better you'll get at it :)

  • I just joke with them until they eventually ask for my number