Whyyy is it so hard to get into a relationship?

Is it weird that I'm about to be 22 and I've never had a boyfriend? I've had sexual relationships in the past but nothing ever made it far enough. Every guy thinks of me as a "friend" just because of how chill I am & then because of my stature which is beyond messed up, yes I'm tall but I can't help that.

I want a relationship but I just don't know how to go about it. I've been celibate for over 3 years in hopes of being in a relationship with a guy instead of just sex. Don't know what to do, and why it's so hard... I mean, I know why, relationships are not the same anymore, times have changed. I guess I'm just only fashion.


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  • not weird... maybe u just haven't find da right guy yet?

    or u r just afraid of commitment?


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  • Im 22. And haven't dated for a long time. so it happens, if your old school like i am. Fuck buddies is not the hip happen thing. You probly have guys who wanna date you all the time. that are either to afraid to talk to you or you give a dont even try Vibe. And last but not least your just to damn beautiful and awesome to lose, so guys just keep quiet to afriad if they say anything it will ruine it get weird and theyll lose you forever


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  • It isn't uncommon at all for a 22 to have never had a boyfriend/ girlfriend. There are people who are older than you and never dated or had sex before.
    However, you did mention that you had sexual relationships before, so that may be chasing guys that are searching for long-term committed relationships away. Try showing others that you want a committed relationship. And when you date next time, don't agree to have sex with the guy after the first few times you meet.

    • The sexual relationships I've had, I wanted just sex but I've stopped that and haven't had sex for over 3 years because I'm looking for a relationship. The guys that I've talked to since the last time I've had sex are interested in me or sex or whatever but I won't do it.