I have become more open. good or bad?

i am a white guy who'd once never have considered a non-white girl as a partner. i always tried to suppress the thoughts of even being with a non-white girl because of how i was raised. i was to be with a white girl! my parents told me. i even used to tell people how unattractive i found non-white girls, but i cannot lie no longer. i find non-white women in some cases to be even more attractive than white girls, and i'm open to the idea of falling in love with any non-white girl even eventually having kids with her. have i changed for the better or have i become worse?


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  • Well, you're less bigoted now. Good for you for overcoming your racist upbringing.

    • of course. i find non-white women to be attractive in so many ways that it'd take me forever to write a list


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  • You have become worse. All you do is get so fixated by skin colour instead of looking at them as an individual. You see the front but you don't know what's happening from behind.


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  • You changed for the better.