Girl cancelled date for tonight?

One of my friends set me up with her friend. She told her I'm a economics major (she's a finance major so we have like of numbers/money in common). She's in a sorority and I'm in a fraternity.

However, she's a 10/10 looks wise while I'm around a 3/10. This girl has been on plenty if dates while this would have been my 1st ever one. I guess my friend showed her a picture of me and told her I've never been on a date before. The girl texted me saying "hey I'm sorry but I do not feel that you're my type and I do not want to guide a man through rookie dating moments. I wish you dating success in the future."

I was looking forward to the date but I guess it's not happening. What should I do to avoid being stood up again? Should I tell my friend I was stood up or just avoid talking about the date? If it matters I am 21 years old.


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  • Sorry that happened to you. Did she offer a reasonable reason for canceling?

    • Nope my friend showed her a picture of me (I'm below average in looks) and told her this would be my first ever date and I guess she didn't like that

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    • And if she did judge you for your looks, she's not worth it in the long run

    • You are quite welcome. And its okay to be sad and dissapointed. Thats apart of who we are as individuals. If you didn't feel that way you should be concerned. A cold heart is not good for your humanity, so deal with your feelings. Feel them, process them (by yourself or with someone else), heal and move on. It's called the grieving process. We all do it. Not just for loss that due to literal death. It can happen when you lose anything of significance to you.


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  • dont talk about it.


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  • PUMP PUMP PUMP those brake pads my man! Shizzle, I can tell your confidence is low if you rate yourself, especially if it's low. I used to do that in high school so I know the game of low balling yourself and that in-turn affects your appearance and your social skills... leading to you not asking any foxes for dates,

    Here's what you need to do my brother from another mother. Avoid being butt hurt over this chick you really didn't have a chance with, She helped you recognize that you need to check a tune up before you drive on the dating track. Whatever your hang ups are, work towards improving them. Fat? Go to the gym. Anti social? Go talk to random ass peeps and progress to ugly big girls, then hotter bitties and you'll discover they're all the same. HUMANS!

    You need to do your own work and bring your confidence and pick up up! Google Coach Corey Wayne on youtube for social aspects of dating and socializing and UK Street attraction for picking up girls and being cheeky, funny, flirty. I've gone from no dates in a year to dating multiple women and being confident and give off a IDGAF attitude about rejection brother. This will help you go far, a wise player told me "There's always a new bus every 15 minutes, you have nothing to lose".

    So take this as a sign and go improve yourself, it will feel great to move the dating barrier. You sound smart bro, don't let any women put you down or let them be on a pedestal with you awing and gawking up to how pretty or sexy they are. Like anything, success depends on prior practice and preparation.

    • I'm in decent shape and im pretty social.
      I was president of my fraternity last year so I was always talking to other Greek Life members at my school. Thanks for the advice, I'll follow it.

  • Ouch.

    Anyway, let it go, don't bring up the date. Instead, take some time to amp up your looks. You are probably being harsh on yourself about your looks, but even if you are as ugly as sin itself, sin can still look good with the right fashion and hair style choices. If you aren't already, hit the gym.

    And STOP telling people you have no dating experience--no one needs to know that. If anyone asks about it, and you feel compelled to give an answer (and you shouldn't), then at the very least, say something to the effect that you are really busy with school and haven't given it much thought, but you'd be open to the idea.

    Also, approach women yourself. DON'T let other people setup dates, they are almost universally going to fuck it up for you, no matter how well-intended their actions.

    Think of it this way. Is this how you want to be presented?

    Friend: "Hey Lisa, there's this guy I know, he's an economics major. He's a nice guy, you should talk to him. Oh, a photo? Sure (chooses the worst possible photo by law of nature). Yeah, well, he isn't the hottest guy? What? LOL, yeah I guess he does kind of look like an overstuffed Teddy bear with junkyard clothing, but he's really nice. What? Well, no, he's never been on a date, and come to think of it, I'm the only girl he talks to, but I swear he's a great guy."


    Versus you having complete control over every variable. You, dressed dapper with a killer haircut and well-groomed facial hair, using whatever good features you have to the best of your ability, bursting with new-found confidence gained from asking out girls and suffering through rejections and learning the ropes of dating. In short, you being able to paint yourself in the best light.

    Anyway, fix your looks (more of it is under you control than you'd imagine), and start asking out a lot of girls so you can get some experience.

    • Haha thats how I picture the conversation with my friend and this girl happening. We've been friends since we were 3 and I've never introduced her to a girlfriend so she put 2 and 2 together and found out about my lack of dates like 2 years ago

    • Haha, well all the more incentive to learn the skill of dating, that way you are the one who has control of how other people think of you. Anyone can learn to do it, it just takes a little time and attention.

  • 3/10? wot makes u believe dat? she might find u 6/10!!!

  • I wouldn't say you were stood up necessarily, but that's a pretty crappy thing for this chick to do. I'd be upset. But sounds like all you need is dating experience. Talk to some other girls, ask one out if you're interested. Just don't worry about making too big a deal about it. Also, there is no need to tell the girl it's your first date.

  • That's too bad; I'm sure you guys will reschedule

  • Damn your friend kind of set you up for failure by saying you were a dating rookie