Should I ask her out again or drop it?

So I hung out one on one with this girl. I decided I liked her so I asked her when she was free that week. She thought through her days and said she couldn't that week because she worked and had already promised people that she would hangout with them. She said sorry maybe next week. I thought crap but she has still been being friendly. That was two weeks ago. I was texting her and talking about hiking and she said we needed to go again. I don't if she was just being nice or not though. Should I ask her out again and do you think she is even a little interested?


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  • She may not really know you like her and that is why she is stalling. I would simply say you like her, it was pleasure spending time with her and you would love to go out again some time. Ask her if she is interested you would like to go out again for dinner, or maybe a movie or something. Then say you are looking forward to hearing from her. That is it, that is all you need to say. Now the ball is in her court. If she is interested she will reply, if she isn't she will simply say so or completely ignore you. Give her at least a week, but do not text her anymore. If she doesn't reply after that I would assume she isn't interested and you can forget her and move on!


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  • i dont see why not! if she didn't like you at all she would have said something. When you ask her out this time and if she has another excuse then maybe she doesn't like you

    • Alright I just don't want things to be awkward. Like I said she said we needed to go hiking again so I guess that's good right?

    • Yeh it is a good thing definitely

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  • Step 1: Ask her out.
    Step 2: Getting rejected? Do the ''leave it, and take it away'' something like, ''all right, give me a call if u're free one day, then we'll proceed from there.''
    Step 3: Continue asking other girls out. Seduction is a skillset and has to be practiced over and over again. Just like other things in the life!

  • Go ask her out, dude...😎