Girls, at what point do you message a guy on your own?

Like without him messaging you first and you're just responding to his initial message?

I just get tired of initiating all the conversations, all though I guess that's what the guy is supposed to do, but I want to see if she is interested too. Is it ok if I don't message her for a couple days and she if she messages me on her own?


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  • At a point when he makes me feel confident that he won't leave me and when he shows he can be trusted.
    P. S. It's really kinda sad that guys want to chase the girls, otherwise if she does, she's not worthy. :( I don't blame y'all, that's how you're designed. It's a sad fact tho.

    Meanwhile, let me be patient for another year... *exhales*

    • A lot of girls just sit back and let the guys come to them. The problem is most have no intention of ever meeting the guy.

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    • True. Also keep in mind that I don't ever force a girl to leave her boyfriend. It's 100 percent her decision. You never know what kind of situation she could be in. Maybe she does get abused or something like that, you just never know. Some girls do stay with their boyfriend just cause they don't know what else to do. I would think in the girls mind that hey it's been 6 months and he still comes over and talks to me and shows interest in me. Maybe he actually does care. These are just my observations and I'm not trying to cause you to be offended or anything.

    • Apologies if I appeared to be offended. I am not. I just felt it's wrong to approach someone when we know they're in a relationship already because the truth will be known at the end of the day and the person is put in a difficult situation to choose a person. It complicates things. And finally after we get the person passing through all that difficulty, if someone else comes in thinking we were abusing them... well... I'd go nuts.
      As for us girls, although some endure the abuse in the name of tolerance or w. e. reason, they will have their girl friends who let them know if she's being treated wrongly. But generally, both men and women are happy. And there will always be plenty of fish in the sea; and a wonderful person you never thought of waiting for you.


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  • I would do this twice out of the week at rare times. Other than that, I'm letting my boyfriend chase me.

  • I talk to my crush on the phone and at work. and if my crush and me every get around to hang out it well be mostly talking and doing something we both like doing.

  • When the mood strikes, I'll send him a message.

  • If we're talking about a guy who I like, I will text him maybe once a week if he doesn't snapchat me within a week. I don't text him more often because he's a very busy person and I don't want to bother him so I usually wait till he initiates something because then I know he wants to talk to me, he's more involved and I know he isn't busy.


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