I can read him - Is he interested?

I've been dating a guy long distance for 4 months now. In this time; i've visited his country twice, and he's about to make his second visit to mine next week. When im with him, we have a great time, we have great sex - although we dont always have sex every time we hang out. He recently introduced me to his friends and brother, and he began making references to him being my boyfriend, and asking if i'd have his kids one day. All sounds great - except, his communication, when we're not in the same country is awful! He hardly texts and when he does its very short and bland. If i were to base it on communication, i'd say he wasn't into me, but he's different in real life - how am i meant to take this? Opinions please :)


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  • Stay with him since he is into u in real life


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  • Of course it is awful. It is a long distance thing. It requires a huge amount of patience on both parts. If the love is there and if you constantly keep cutivating it, you can make it through. Have you made plans to stay together in the future?

    • We haven't even defined the relationship status yet.. he just started calling himself my boyfriend. When i questioned it, he said I don't know, can we talk about it next week when he visits... so i have no idea if its going anywhere or not. We haven't spoken in a week now