How do you feel about bald guys?

So, I was watching this video on YouTube. A famous YouTuber did an experiment and set up a dating profile using his pictures of when he had hair to get girls. He took them out on a date, and when they realized that he shaved his head, they were turned off completely. I was shocked.

Does the amount of hair on a guy's head really matter that much? You don't care about any other aspect of the person? Only is he has hair or not? I was just appalled at the attitude of some of these girls. Are they really that shallow? Just wanted to know what you thought.

  • It doesn't matter if the guy has hair or not.
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  • I would be a bit bothered, but not completely turned off.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I could careless... Well maybe not less it really depends on the guy. Being bald is like any other haircut some guys pull it off better than others.

    • It makes me mad that someone would dump someone based upon that.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If a guy is bald, he's bald. Nothing wrong with that. For those who think its an issue, its kinda sad really. Especially with black men, baldness is like a next step to many. I know it is with my dad.

  • I think they look like egg-heads! hahahaha


What Girls Said 5

  • Depends on if he's bald by genetics or by choice.

    • It would be genetics.

    • Well first you aren't shallow if you show up to a date and the person you were originally attracted to misrepresented themselves. It's like someone who is in there 40's using their high school picture as their profile picture on a dating site.

      But most likely no. I like my guy to have hair I can run my fingers through. Their are good looking guys out there with bald heads but it's a slim chance I'd actually approach romantically.

  • Some Are hot some are not

  • it's not a bad thing. i mean look at the rock (Dwayne Johnson)

  • It depends on how they look with the look.

    • Do you think having a muscular, fit body makes up for baldness? I'm losing my hair, and a female friend told me that I could get away with shaving my head because I look muscular enough to pull off the bald look. I worry that younger girls won't like a bald look.

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    • Like what?

    • Well at least a medium build, clean shaven, and having a great personality can outnumber someone's look. Confidence is key because we are all unique. Just be happy :-) women love happy men and men willing to spend all of their time with them.

  • I wouldn't be so much bothered by the fact that he's bald, but more because he didn't tell me that he shaved his head. I expect to know how he looks like before I meet him