If a guy is cheating in a three year relationship does he love her?

  • Yes cause they've been together for three years!
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  • No he does not love her
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  • He loves her but not enough
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  • He is getting bored of the relationship it won't last
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  • She won't know and they won't breakup
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  • You don't cheat on someone you love. No matter how long the relationship has been.

    • I feel like all guys cheat at some point in a relationship... dont you think so? Even when they love a girl

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    • Thank you lol

    • Thanks for MHO!


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  • its possible he loves her. science has proven you can cheat on someone and still love them. love is separate thing from honesty, loyalty, respect.

    • Exactly thats why its confusing

    • not really. once you realize that we should know that love should not be the most important thing in the relationship, but those other qualities.

  • He may have feelings for you but not committed enough


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