I like this guy but he likes my best friend?

Ok so this guy lets call him n, n has like my best friend a for some time, I didn't have feelings for him at the time (about a year ago), so i helped him. She rejected him, and he moved on, and started liking me, I ddin't reciprocate the feelings so when he told me I didn't ackknowledge it, I just pretended it was another girl. Then I'm guessing he got over it, fast forward to now, I started talking to him again. We even flirted a bit (usually texting), then i slowly began to like him. I told my best frind she was shocked but was alright with it, bc she doesn't like him. Finally he tells me he like 4 girls me being one of them and my best friend being another. Then my friend (dif. girl), played a trick on me and texted him "hey boyfriend!" (I chocked the living shit out of her), he said "whoa, slow down, im still texting other girls!" he even told me he was planning on asking out my best friend so i lied and told him I didn't like him anymore, and a guy had asked me out, and he asked what did i respond to the guy with, i lied again and said I told the guy I will think about it... we haven't texted or talked in a while and when we do its brief and awkward, but I still really like him and it kinda hurts... I dont know what should I do?

fuck answer i need halpp


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  • Come on strong or get over him


What Girls Said 1

  • He likes 4 girls? Abandon ship. He doesn't want to date you exclusively.