Will he ever love me?

I had a talk with my guy today and told him I can see myself falling in love with him. I made it clear he did not have to say it back if he isn't feeling the same way. He said "I can see it too, but I am having a hard time letting myself get to that point" he was hurt by his ex and I have a feeling he is afraid to love me, or anyone else the way he did her. I understand but at the same time I'm worried he won't get to that point of where he loves me. Our relatinoship is great otherwise, no complaints on either end. I haven't been in love in a long time and the fact that I'm falling for him scares me, as I'm sure he has the same fear. Has anyone had this kind of expierence? should I just see where it goes?


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  • This is not as bad a situation as you think, because both of you do know you're falling for each other. It's only matter of time before things work out.

    It is much better than unrequited love, which can be the worst form of emotional torture.


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  • Enjoy what you have with him since you are both happy. Don't worry about the future, just be grateful for what you've got now.

  • My soon to be BRo in law was the same way.

    But he finally gave in after his friends and I talked with him.

    He thought about it and decided to give it a shot. (Date my sister.)

    I think you might have a chance as well.