Guys, what does this mean when my boyfriend says he doesn't trust me?

Been dating my boyfriend for 6 months and he told me he has trust issues. N he does not trust me. He told me when we meet up.. I hide my phone and im private and i told him i have nothing to hide so he could take a look if we met but he said no and said he was tired but its funny how he was texting his friends and be[ng on social media... I dont hide my phone.. In fact he does not realize what he does... He gets a message n checks n i feel left out bc the time shared is just the two of us... Wen he texts i dont say anything n now i feel i should? .. Plus on social media i did post a bit of provactive pics.. I admit was wronv.. But i was bugged how he keeps liking gurls that dress provactively n telks me if he wants me to marry him.. Wife materials dont post such provactivd pics just like his friends better half does not.. I get what he is saying.. But is there anything i should do. I wasn't trying to be naive but show it hurts me wen he likes such pics..


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  • He doesn't trust you so there's no point in being together. Walk away from this one


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  • He doesn't trust you... That's what it means...

  • Guys are pretty straightforward with what they say. If he says he doesn't tryst you, then, he doesn't trust you. period. end of sentence