FINALLY a 4th date.. does he really want it though?

Went on 3 great dates with a guy but got the hug goodbye all 3 times and then hadn't heard from him in 3 weeks. I saw his Facebook status and it said "worst night ever" so I decided to text him and ask him why his night was so terrible. After some chit chat, I asked him if he had plans for the upcoming week. He replied with "I'm free Wednesday if you wanna hang out" . Does he actually want to hang out? Why didn't he contact me sooner? How should I act on this 4th date? I want a kiss!


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  • Too little information to tell what he feels. Maybe he's busy, or maybe he's just not as interested anymore. It seems that if he were interested, he would have initiated the 4th date himself, so don't get too excited--if things don't work out with him, they will work out with someone else. But if you're still willing to hang out, and you think you still have a chance, it's time to turn up the flirtation and fun. Make your conversations more lively, and hint at him that you'd like to kiss him.

  • Three dates and he hasn't kissed you yet, damn I am surprised you stuck around that long. Usually by the second date your already sleeping with the person, well that's normally how it goes. If he won't kiss you then your going to have to kiss him.


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