Advice where to meet guys?

so im in a place right now where im not completely satisfied with my situation and im planning to do something about it. i need to social more, and go on more dates, but i dont know where to meet guys... Im planning to sign up for kickboxing, but other than that i dont see where i can meet guys.

I dont have any luck on dates sites or apps, and pretty much the only places i meet guys are at bars.. So any advice?


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  • wot type of guys though?

    • at the end of the day im to super pickie.. if the guys is nice, funny, cute and likes to work out thats good enough for me...

    • if he doesn't work out... no? :(

    • Its not a must, but its a big plus


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  • Do you like kickboxing sporting events? Maybe try meeting a guy
    whose into that stuff too !

  • Kickboxing? I teach a kickboxing class! It is GREAT exercise. But there are lots of places to meet guys... work, online (dating sites), supermarket, what about going to more social events in your city.


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  • Ugh yeah I've had some pretty bad experiences with dating apps/sites.

    I would suggest meeting guys through mutual friends, at work, school, or really anywhere you find someone you might be interested in, just go for it and approach them. You got nothing to lose!

    • im planning to asks a friend if her boyfriend has any single friends, and i just finished school and im not going back before August, and i work with 90% older women lol.. but i get your point.. and i guess i just have to keep putting myself out there :)

  • The gym? a sports bar?

    • the gym i go to has only older men, or at least 90% of them are 35++... lol

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    • do you go by yourself or do you go with friends?

    • Just depends on my mood.