I don't know what he's trying to accomplish when he does this but it's bothering me. What does this mean?

I met this guy at a friend's party last weekend and we've been texting ever since. Our work schedules are opposite during the week so he asked me out for this coming Saturday. He seems nice but one thing: every night when he has texted me good night he says I should text him the next day. Last night he forgot to say it so I didn't text him. He finally texted me around 5:30pm when he was about to leave for work. Like I don't understand why he doesn't just initiate contact instead of telling me to do it and I feel like it'll be awkward if I ask him why...


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  • You need to ask him why


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  • So you don't like him that much. That's all I see here

    • How much can I like him at this point? We haven't gone on a real date.

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    • The question is not about whether I'm interested. Obviously I'm interested but I'm not in love. I'm just annoyed he keeps telling me to text him and I asked to see if any other guys do this and why they do it.

    • Shit, maybe he just really anxious. I don't know why he told you to text him next time though. It's kind of a really needy thing to say.

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  • I find that I do this often so I don't seem needy. I won't ask to be texted, but I usually try not to text first. Mostly just paranoid that they will think I'm overbearing and won't actually be into me. So it's possible he is just nervous and trying to see if your comitted to him. You could bring it up subtly or jokingly maybe if your still concerned.