Confused and not sure which road to take?

Guys, whats your opinion on a girl calling a guy out and just saying "is it over" after 4 days of no contact ( you've text almost everyday for 5 mths)

we are only dating, we text almost everyday even if its just to say hello and nothing more, i shut down about a week ago for a few days because of a family issue but still held contact and only went one day without a check in. he's been different ever since... and i doubt thats why. though im told i should let him chase, i feel if its done, i should get him to say it. your thought?

you both may be right, but what should my first text say? or should I even send one?
well he reached out this morning like nothing ever happened. I played it cool, kept it short, held back any terms of endearment -
while I didn't want to show him that he got to me, I came to the conclusion that while only dating him, its time to date others as well and he will then feel my daily absence. If he cares enough, he will be back full swing, if not, I can move on with someone else -


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  • You need to tell him its over


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  • If you have been dating for 5 months, then you two have been boyfriend and girlfriend for at least 4 1/2 months. And yes, damn right you have a right to ask him if its over, just because he's to coward to say it does not mean he dumps you without showing some balls and at least letting you know where you stand, x

  • I don't know, maybe call him and actually talk about it?

  • All I can say is that bad communication can mess up a good thing ya know.

  • You freaked out over nothing and then decided to play games with him. You chose the silly path.