Do guys not like quiet girls?

Im a pretty quiet girl, and im pretty attractive (not meaning to sound full of it) but i see a bunch of guys at my school talking to other girls, and im already a junior in highschool, and I've never had a boyfriend... i just wanted to know, is there something wrong with me?


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  • No we like loud obnoxious girls who wheeze.
    Listen to @xxitacoxx, she knows what's up.

    • I got worried for a moment when I saw I was mentioned. xD

    • Lol, fret not @xxitacoxx I have no interest in flaming you. Actually I was too lazy to type an actual answer out so I deferred to yours because it was basically what I wanted to say. 👍

    • \^o^/ Glad I could help out.

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  • You're in highschool so guys tend to go with girls who are easier to talk with but personally I love quiet nervous girls

  • nope I'd take a quiet girl over any other girl any day

  • No there is nothing wrong with you. Your just quiet. It is harder for people to get to know you because of this. Most guys probably are to scare to just walk up and say hi. This is why joining a club is a good idea. Sooner or latter you will be put in a situation where you will need to talk to others.

    • Im not that shy, like i can keep a decent convo going, its just tht i dont approach people, or i freeze up when a cute guy talks to me

    • I agree with taco down there. come out of your shell a little bit. Practice talking with "cute guys". Odds are a quiet guy also has a crush on you however like you he is scared to talk to you. Also remember "They are just as scared of you as you are of them."

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  • Guys like shy girls and find them delicate and feminine, but if you're too shy it makes you seem colds an unapproachable. You need to come out of your shell just a little bit.

    • Im not cold... im nice if they actually just come up and talk to me, but im not one to approach

    • That's you're problem. If you don't approach or say anything how are they suppose to know you're nice? If you stay quiet, and too yourself you'll come off as cold an unapproachable.

  • just be more social and guys will notice you