I don't want to get my heart broken Advice?

He is a waiter at a resturant my mom and I go to every weekend. We bumped into each other 8 months ago and it was like fate because it I did not notice him that day I would have never paid attention to him. Since that day we both laid eyes on each other it is like we had something special between us. As soon as I walk into the place he stops everything that he is doing and switch with his coworkers so that he can talk to me. He is always trying to find a reason to get close to me. His co-workers know that we like each other but are too afraid to tell each other how we feel. The staff loves my mom because she is their top customer and she is always making sure they are happy so he tries to use my mom to get to me (he will start talking to my mom or sit by my mom) he is staring at me the whole time he is talking to her. When he is not at my table trying to have a conversation at us he is staring at me from a distance or he is "pretending" to clean the tables near me so he can continue talking to me. If that is not enough he and I keep bumping into each other everywhere like we are following each other. The other day when my mom and I were at the resturant on a day that he was not working. His co workers kept talking among themselves and kept taking forever to get our order like they were stalling or something. Next thing I know the guy I like comes running into the place with his uniform on. He came to my table and mom asked him where he came from he said"My co-worker mysteriously got sick and told me to take his shift"the whole time he was staring at me smiling with is dreamy eyes. He came back to the table and was going to tell me something but he had to leave. I waited for him to come back but we kept missing each other I ended up leaving before he could tell me I don't even know if he likes me I don't want to seem weird and scare him away I don't want to be wrong about him liking me.


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  • He's totally into you! Anyone willing to go BACK to work on their day off is definitely a keeper. You don't have to ask him out directly, try to find him when he is alone and start a conversation like: "Im glad to see you again!" "hows everything going"... get to know him maybe even throw in a "You are my favorite waiter here" if he asks why just say "because you are super nice/ awesome" or "you are really cute" haha. Make sure you smile at him and literally become a happier person when he's around. It will make it easier for you two to talk.
    I wish you the best of luck!


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  • nothing wrong with you starting things a bit I mean add him in facebook , get his number and text him etc
    it's completely natural and you won't lose anything

  • Find him on facebook and just talk to him. Eventually suggest that to hang out after his shift.

    It sounds like his friends/ coworkers know that he likes you and they played a joke on him by forcing him to come to work on short notice knowing that he would not be ready and would still want to talk to you.


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