Guy refers to himself as 'baby' on texts with emoticons of a baby? Creepy?

I've been texting a guy and starting to like him. I'm not sure how it started but somehow he started referring to himself as baby and said baby wants a hug and kisses n stuff. Nothing exactly sexual but he's a year younger and it started making me feel like a pedo. Initially I went with it because it seemed like it was easier for him to say he wanted a hug n a kiss that way rather than saying I. But I had to stop it and told him. Question is has a guy ever said this or have you said this to a girl? and do you think he was just shy? Is it kind of a fetish? He is very shy and inexperienced. Would you be comfortable with this? Any thoughts really.


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  • Sounds like he's just trying to be cute, but it's not working!

    Just tell him how you feel, that with the age gap as Well it just isn't helping.


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  • You shouldn't feel like a pedo first.. Lol, but yes that is a little weird inn my opinion. It also seems like something someone would do when they aren't very experienced with the opposite So maybe he's just trying to be sweet or something and doesn't exactly know the right way to do it. I wouldn't feel comfortable with it though, I would just tell him it's a little weird and ask him to stop.

  • He probably is just more of a submissive guy and wants you to take full control