My boyfriend is no longer affectionate?

My boyfriend and I have been together a year and a month, up until recently he was very loving to the best of his ability because school stopped us from seeing each other as much and cuddling and things like that. He promised when summer came he would cuddle with me more and take more time out for me so I can feel loved like I desire to.
Well summer is here.
He doesn't cuddle with me, he says he doesn't want to spend any time laying down inside (even if it's for an hour like I ask). He doesn't show me near as much affection as he used to. He barely holds my hand. When driving he no longer puts his hand on my leg or even looks over at me and smiles anymore, he only kisses me when we are saying goodbye and another time I want a kiss he acts annoyed to kiss me.
When I say that I'm lonely and hurting because of missing his affection and that I don't feel like I am loved or appreciated anymore he says that I'm being too needy or too much and it breaks my heart because I just want the caring loving boy I fell in love with back.

I wouldn't say he is stressed out, he is just really irritable lately. He's been in a constant bad mood and snaps over little things
To give everyone a little information now, we ended our relationship at two years whereas I found out he had cheated on me 6+ times and he grew abusive and spit in my face twice and choked me.


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  • Is he going through something at the moment that is stopping him from being affectionate?

    • Nothing at all really. He has nothing to be stressed about currently

    • It just feels like he's not into you anymore or wants more time to himself than be with you a lot.


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  • is he seein someone else? do u know?

  • Is he stressed out or is something going on with his life?


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  • Usually, these signs indicate that the person has fallen out of love for you or doesn't feel the way about you that he used to. Or that he's cheating. I would ask him those questions.

    You aren't being needy. It's similar to how many men want to feel "respected" by their lovers--it's the same thing. He's being manipulative and selfish instead of honest in my opinion or he is ignorant about the definition of "needy".

  • Yeah it sounds like he's losing interest, sorry dear :(