Still affectionate when around me but seems distant when we aren't together - I've smothered him, redeemable?

I've been spending too much time with my boyfriend and during an argument the other night he admitted he had flirted with another girl on line (I confronted him about a message I seen on his phone).
He told me he was someone that required time to himself and he was unsure what he wanted. He admitted that he resented me When I was around too much as he just felt he wanted to chill on his own sometimes and he worries I want more from our relationship than he does.
I advised I miss how much fun things used to be and I think we have become comfortable with eachother too fast and I want things to be fun also. We have officially been togerher for 3 months and dated for 2 months previous to that.
I have agreed to spend less time together and that im happy for us to slow things down. He advised he will try and communicate his needs to me more and I will give him the space he requires. We both apologised for what has happened as we were both at fault in different parts. I feel like I should leave him be for a couple of weeks and see how things pick up then? Should I discuss what space we should give eachother?


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  • maybe he's tryin 2 forget u when u r not together?


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  • give each other space, but don't initiate no contact for 2 whole weeks, that's not the kind of space you want to give.


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  • You probably have to give him more freedom. Apparently he wants to spend some time on his own. I am not saying his behavior is justified, I am only saying that sometimes he probably feels like you smother him.