I'm in love with a guy but... ?

First i send this man on his inst acc a qoute '' if this is another life or onther time i would invite u 2 a coffee '' and then every time i write somthing n my inst acc he keeps replaying 2 what i write in his acc and he keeps liking sex photo and then i deleted my acc then i kept asking myself is he playing on me? or he just intersted n sex? then after a year i send him a music clip and then he write a song on what i was writting in my bio but the hole song was talkin about sex.. i said2myself he might be a player so i have to discover if he is or not.. then i kept sending him qoutes but he doesn't replay unless if i say goodnight after that in the same song he change something in the lyric with bad bae... so what do you think? does he like me or he is a player? should i leave him or should i try again?


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  • player? doesn't sound like one... is he sein other gals meanwhile?

    • no he is not seeing any girls right now

    • then y u believe he's a player?

    • maybe because i haven't tell any guy before about my feeling...


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  • Sounds like a player or only wants sex...


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  • He sounds interested in you. Does he have that kind of behavior with other girls?