Girls, is it a rebound? Can I get my love back?

Me and Steph have been dating for almost two years. I had moved in. things were going great. I got a better offshore job to better support her and her kids

But I got selfish. And I cheated. Nothing every physical. But through text and such.
Anyways I know what I did and I am changing my life. I've been cleaned up for about three months and I can honestly say I've never felt better
But after about a week and a half I found out she is talking/dating to another guy.
I was devastated. Seeing another man treat her like I should have is the biggest eye opener ever
But he is away for three months for a job. She said she feels nervous if her were to come home.
But we still talk. But not much.
She says she still loves me and that she is just hurting.
So my question is, can I convince her I've changed?
Is she in a rebound?


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  • i would say yes u can convince her that you've changed i would say show her how you really feel about her and let her choose which one she really wants to be with.

    • Well she is picking me up from offshore tomorrow. Being separated for a month and not being able to see each other may change things. We have a lot to talk about but she knows I am there for her and her girls


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  • People never change

    • I agree. However whenever reality hits you in the face. You realize what you can lose.

  • You obviously love her, so I would try, she seems to be hurting because you weren't really there for her. So i'd try, and if it doesn't work out, then at least you know it wasn't something on your part.

    • Would this explain the "rebound". Trying to cover up her feelings?

    • It could mean that, it's hard to say cause I don't know her personally

  • I think you should see it as a lesson learnt and move on.

  • She's moved on. It's over.