How would you handle a situation as such as mine?

I delete an ex on Facebook and 6 months after I receive message. He ask could I call and add as a friend. So I did and we had a conversation for couple hours actually. He said misses me and wants hear my voice. Later he said he hasn't found anyone like what we had and would like a second chance but friends first. So I agree on us being friends and one month later didn't hear from him at all. So one day I come home from work and I seen where around 8 am he message saying Happy Easter and I replied. He sends me a picture of how he was dress and so on. Each month up until now we talk a couple times and he sends more pictures. I have ask was he single and said was. However, he does not show it on profile but has made a post saying he is and some other social things. I only see a couple pictures of just him and some flirting but I don't get bothered by it. Should I just give it more time and go with the flow? or should I start being more open getting to know other people? I do love him and he has ask did I. In May he comment and like a picture from when we date in the past while I was offline. When we talk it's respectful and also when something is bothering him he will message and tell me in detail regarding it. Such as family issues or him being at work. I don't know how serious he is about what was said or if anything will come into play. I have been focusing on bettering myself and having some fun. Not really searching or looking for love right now.


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  • just tell him u need some time 2 think bout it maybe?

    • I have been thinking hard about it and I would like us to date again. I am waiting to see what he's going to do also because I don't know how honest he is about wanting us again.


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  • I'd just curl up and wait to die personally.

    • Why? I have had trust issues with him in the past and I don't know how honest he is with such words.

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  • I think if you still have feelings for him you should give him another chance. I feel like you should talk with him and say this is the last chance so he knows you're not looking for a game to play

    • Yes, I have explain I did still love him but I don't know if he really means what he said to me. He came backing after dumping me so it's kind of hard to figure out whether or not he's being truthful

    • I know what you mean. You should take it slowly and watch his behavior towards you becaaue actions speak louder than words I hope everything works out for you guys good luck