Is it bad to wait for a guy in a relationship already?

My friends work buddy that I've met a few times is very attractive, he's a super nice guy, and I guess you can say I have a bit of a crush. But obviously he's got a girlfriend cause you know, all the good guys are taken lol. I would never try to split up a couple, I'm not that girl. But is it plausible to wait to see if things end with her? They've only been dating for a short period of time I think, so I don't know how serious it is yet. What do you guys/girls think? :)


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  • I think good luck to you if you wait around on a guy to become available. Personally, it's me as his first and only choice or I'm somebody else's first and only choice. Fuck being the runners up prize after the girl he wanted didn't work out or whatever.


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  • You should just move on lol. You would just be wasting your time when you could be out meeting new people.


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