What's the best place to meet nice, nerdy, and sweet girl?

I'm not into drinking, or places like bars. I already am going dancing and while the atmosphere is inviting and I ask a lot of girls to dance It's a younger crowd of a lot of high school students around 19 and I'm 23. So where should I go to meet girls. I'm a college student am currently living at home and Have limited money and no car. Is A younger girl better for dating in my situation. should continue at a place similar to this or Somewhere different. Also if any idea please let me know.


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  • A younger girl might be a good option but really you can go anywhere not just the bar or dancing

    • I only go dancing because it's the activity I feel most confident and comfortable doing. But I'm open to any suggestions.

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    • Okay one, you look fine in the one you have up and two it shouldn't matter look for a girl who will like you for you and not just you're looks, it'll definitely last longer

    • I keep being told this but get no responces online. I think it's difficulty in communication through text. I'll keep trying but I just think I'll do better in person. Thank you for your ho est opinion though 😊


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  • Library, supermarket, museum, park, school, work


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  • How about a cozy cafe or a starbucks?