Girls, Im depressed cause I can't get a gf?

Im really depressed atm, am i the ugliest person to live on planet earth. Im 21 and i can't get a girlfriend for 3 years now :(.
People tell me that im not ugly at all that im pretty cute actually. So whats wrong with me?
P. S Im fat maybe thats why, im 6ft and 260lbs. Girls dont like fat guys?


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  • Perhaps it's your standards for a girl? Me personally I prefer a guy who's not skinny or ripped. I like tall well fed, but not out of control guys. It's not about appealing to the girls, it's about finding the girls that automatically attracted to you. Most girls are ignorant though, so it may take a while to find a good one.

    • Most girls are ignorant though.^
      And i get rejected a lot and i try to be as nice as possible

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    • Everyone is telling me that but i just dont believe in that she is gonna come to me i think if i dont do anything that im gonna end up 4ever alone

    • Then so be it. Women are a bunch of work and hassle anyways. Enjoy being single while you can. Ask men who have been married/dating the same women for years their opinions. They will all tell you just be happy while you still can.


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  • It's not weight that matters. Don't worry about this. You'll find someone soon.

  • How fat are you? A pic?

  • That's really big. Are you going to do anything about it?

    • trying

    • Sorry to hear about it... but you got to catch up with the times.