Signs a girl is letting you down gently?

What are some things a girl will do if she is trying to let you down gently from a date?


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  • Sporadic texting, being "too busy" to get together, cutting conversations short because I have to be somewhere, avoiding seeing you or going places you may be. Cutting drastically down on all contact.

    • Forgot the old go to excuses. I need space, I'm scared because I've been hurt before, etc.

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  • She stops texting back often or with the same level of interest. Tries to end communication with you as quickly as possible, avoids seeing you and acts too busy.
    These girls will sting you along for weeks instead of just dropping contact all together or telling you they want to end it.

    • So how do you know if it a legit excuse or not. For example I told this girl that we needed to hangout when I got back. She said "yea for sure! My family is town right now so I don't know my schedule." We are both in the same college and she is out of state so she doesn't see her family very much.

    • Even you know she doesn't see family often, that's a legit excuse.

  • She won't push to want to do anything with you


What Guys Said 1

  • Less talking less everything, more of her saying i am busy