Guys, I think I've been coming on too strong. How can I get back from this?

I've been dating this guy for a month stuff is going great. So of course I have to try and unintentionally ruin it by being a crazy person.
I told him that I thought he was being secretive about what he was doing-and asked him if he was seeing other people and he said no, that he's just been thinking about stuff (he does have some big decisions to make) and I said ok I get it.

Last night we were chatting and he said I have to go "we're eating dinner". I asked "oh, who's we" meaning into a conversational way and he was like "me and my roommates" and then told me I was being controlling.

How can I get back from this? I don't want to chase him away.


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  • Want to know where you stand... lol it's only been a month? Just give him some space, I mean A LOT. I can understand wanting to know what he's doing and who he's doing it with for that matter, but this relationship is so fresh it's barely a relationship, you need to be more trusting in him, until he gives you a reason not to trust him, getting yourself something to keep you busy instead of worrying about everything he's doing in his free time is the best thing for you, that way he gets space and you're not over thinking.


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  • He may be a bit pissed but I don't see how this can kill a relationship so quickly. If he dumps you, that means there's something else in there he's not telling you.

  • Say that you're sorry you have had past relationships that ended terribly...

    Tell him that you just want to know where you stand with him.

    And also apologize for being very controlling.

    Hoped i good helped.

  • Humans will meet true despair.

  • You're getting up there in age, and are probably freaking out about if you'll ever get married or have a baby. That's probably not on his mind, you only just met. Try not to think about that stuff, you'll stop coming on strong. Guys don't like to be pushed just like girls don't

    • Not every woman over 30 wants desperately to get married and have babies.
      I just want to know where we stand.

    • I'm just sayin' your biological clock is ticking, and it's making you push him