How to become more independent within a relationship?

Nothing is wrong with our relationship to begin with but we are so used to being in contact or with each other that its going to be difficult when time apart. So ill give you the quick summary, My girlfriend and i have been together for years, its an close and long distance relationship (she lives in Europe and im in the Usa), whenever i can get a few weeks off work, i use those times to go and visit her. Its almost a reflex whenever i go back home to plan the next trip.

For the summer, she's going back to her native county for the summer and i can't visit her because her family has plans to do a lot of traveling with her during that time. When summer is over, ill buy her a plane ticket to come visit me instead just the entire summer ill be kind of lonely without her.

I have friends i could hang out with and do stuff with but i prefer to spend the time with her, so i have to learn to be able to be okay without her for 3 months. We still can text from time to time but it won't be as frequent as usual. So what do you recommend?


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  • Do the things/activities you enjoy.
    Do not text her all the time. The majority of girls do NOT like clingy people.


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  • u can Skype wid her i guess... no?

    • She wouldn't have time unfortunately. I hope we can though

    • thanks... :)

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