Where do I go for help with self esteem?

What can I do to get help with self esteem? I also need dating help. Would all this be helped with therapy? I have trouble showing any interest romantically at all. I can say hi and chat but it goes nowhere. I've also had no dating experience whatsoever. I've read stuff but I think I need to actually talk to someone.


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  • This article is paid, but you can get one month for $1 and then cancel your subscription:

    I found it informative.

    Another thing I have found useful is affirmations. It may sound whacky, but try telling yourself you accept and love yourself 3 x 5 times per day. So 5 times in the morning, 5 times at noon and 5 times in the evening. I think you can actually tell yourself anything you want, but probably best to say something kind rather than critical :) If you stick with it, it could help.

    Otherwise check out Mating Grounds' stuff on self-confidence:



    • Thanks these do help. I just realized I need to find out the cause of the problem and don't know how.

    • Okay :)

      I find it really useful to look at these things from an evolutionary perspective: why self-esteem?

      Either your self-esteem is a realistic gauge of yourself relative to your values, or it is skewed because you underestimate yourself due to past failures and bad external influences.

    • Thanks for MHO :)


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  • You need help if you've never had a girlfriend? Or can't talk to people it's further then shy social anxiety

    • Well for example I went swing dancing yesterday. The girl I was dancing I think was showing slight signs of interest in me. I talked to some and had a conversation but couldn't express my interest in her. I had no idea how to show interest at all. I couldn't flirt or compliment or anything.

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    • Believe in yourself first an rest will come on its own 😀

    • Ok thanks

  • In Christ and God alone


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  • no therapy bro... best u can do is fnd some gal who's interested back as well i believe

    • But if I can't show interest how do I even get to the next step?

    • do u know any gals wid similar interests as urs?

  • The only thing that you should really improve on is your hair and you should be good to go. if you can get contacts go for them the glasses you have don't look right for you. Other than those two things you fine and you don't have a weird face, just find a good style

  • Focus on your self-esteem before dating... You look good to me and I can tell you've been working out.

    • I know I need to get this done first but how do I work on it? Who do I seek help from?

    • I think you need help from friends mostly guy friends. Think about your positive traits and your life story and it should boost your confidence...

  • to find a job. and produce something for society and yourslf