Question from the beginner, any advice or tips for approaching older women?

I have only once approached and ask one girl out and she rejected me so I don't have much experience in approaching women in general and that's partly because i'm shy. I lately improving myself and want to approach older women (The one which are hitting 30 or 30+) as I'm interested in more serious relationship as well as settling down and can't be bother wasting my time on stupid mind games and drama. Are there any advice or tips that you GAGERS can give me in this department?


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  • There are plenty of cougars around that age that would love to have you on their arm. Keep in mind most will have kids still at home and most will be divorced. The ones that are just divorced might be the most approachable

    • ok but how I would know if she is divorced or have a kid? Are there any signs or specific characteristics if you can tell me?

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    • True as the children are their little flowers :D
      Can you tell me what's the place where I can meet them a lot? I guess that pubs and clubs isn't the best place tho.

    • Grocery stores, clubs with an older crowd might be good, tinder, on line dating


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  • I imagine you have to follow the same procedure as approaching younger females.


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  • Don't depend on social media. Be straightforward and direct. Call her on the telephone. Ask her out her out on a date. Talk to her in person as much as possible.

  • each older gal has a different taste though... u should know