Good B-day gift for a girl in an LDR?

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon, and I need some ideas and suggestions on what I can do on the big day. We're both not big fans of going way overboard, so it doesn't need to be something big, as long as it's something that means something.

So, i'd love to get some ideas and new perspectives from you people on gag. Anything is appreciated (we're both adults, if that helps)
Oh, and it's an LDR, keep that in mind.


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  • did u ask her wot she'd like as a gift then?

    • half the fun is her not knowing.
      And since we're not really fans of doing anything major, she's not giving a useable answer. Trust me, i've tried, or else i wouldn't have asked here

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    • that's true... good point.

      Anything else, maybe geared more towards displaying affection?

    • a teddy bear then?


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  • something like a ticket to an event or a gift card