Would you believe me?

I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago, and it was mostly mutual. Part of the reason we broke up was because I started liking this other guy (who will later be referred to as T), but there was many other things that led to our break up. A week ago, my father had a kidney transplant, but his body rejected it, and, because his immune system was shot (he had colorectal cancer and went through eight chemotherapy sessions and twenty radiation treatment sessions, which pretty much destroys the immune system), he passed away.

In a state of shock, I went for a walk. At first, it was just outside of the hospital, but i ended up walking five miles (which, since I've done marathons, isn't too surprising). I realized I was in the middle of a city with no car, so I called the guy I like, since he lives less than a mile away, asking if I could come over. He said yes, and met me halfway in his car. I went back to his house, where I cried for about a half hour, then he told me to sit with my legs crossed on his bed, so I did. He sat across from me, our knees touching, and he held my hands. He told me to take deep breaths and to tell him the good and funny stories I had of my father. After an hour or so of laughing and crying from my trip down memory lane, he put on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, knowing it is my favorite movie. About halfway through the film, his twin brother (J) came home.

Three days ago J called me asking if I liked T, then told me to make sure my feelings for T were true. I understand completely where he's coming from, since T helped me through such a traumatic event (or at least a small portion of it), I could have developed feelings for him purely because of this. But this is not the case, I liked him before this. The thing is, I'm not sure if T will believe me when I tell him I like him, especially if J has talked to him about this already.

So, if you were in T's shoes, would you believe me?


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  • Hell yeah why not, ur not known for lying are u? So why wouldn't he


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  • Yes of course I would believe you.

  • I would definitely believe you. And in my opinion it sounds like T really cares about you. If you haven't already told him I think you should.