How do I forget the feelings I have for my best friend?

I had already told him a couple years back that I liked him, but that I didn't expect anything. He had a long distance girlfriend at the time and he said he was sorry, that he liked me but couldn't reciprocate. We still Skype everyday, alongside 2 of our other friends, but I can tell he still is into his now ex, used to be the girlfriend I just mentioned. I can tell because while we are on Skype he is messaging her and he asks us for advice on what to say. He still likes her even though she was so abusive, and she cheated, and she threatens him. I just want whatever I feel to go away, I'm tired of getting my hopes up when he flirts with me and just getting shattered everytime he mentions her. I don't want to end the friendship, because first and foremost he is my friend, which is why I want my feelings to go away. I just want him to be happy.


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  • To be completely honest with you, those feelings will not go away unless you cut ties with him. You've him for years and if you still feel like this it's not going to change if you're always talking with him. It's time for you to be selfish and stop talking with him until your feelings go away. In that time try to enjoy the single life as well, it'll make moving on easier. You have to almost treat as if it's a breakup to get over him. Sorry, I know you were probably looking for something else, but his is honestly the only thing that I know works extremely well.


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  • Time is your only option.