Why he wants to chat on Facebook?

Been exchanging a few Email with this guy on a dating website. He asked if I want to keep exchanging email or we can chat somewhere like facebook

we haven't met each other in person. Also most people would avoid adding dates (or potential date) on FB. Is he just trying to fap at my pictures? Why would he want to chat on Facebook?


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  • Possibly that, but it's also better to use that messenger thing, and people often reply pretty quick.

    • Facebook have lots of personal information though. I just can't believe he would ask thAt. I rather text lol. I don't know what to tell him now.

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    • he doesn't know my fullname :P

    • Lol ok that's good then, you can lie about anything :p


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  • You know
    you can just say that you're not comfortable giving him your fb yet and would like to continue chatting on the datingsite
    see what he does


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  • He told you why. He wants to *chat* with you so it's faster and easier to talk. If you don't want to use facebook you can suggest kik or any other number of chat clients.

    • There are many platforms but he chose facebook which makes me wary about him.. either he is very trusting with people or he is a creep..

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    • Maybe he doesn't' like giving out his cellphone number?

    • good point