I'm confused if he is truly interested?

I met a guy online and we hit it off immediately. After about a week we met up. We walked at a oak and talked nonstop for two hours. He walked me to my car and hugged me goodbye. He even came to my job on my break that night to chat with me :). The next day however he was logged on to the site a few times and he was not messaging as much. He told me he had a lot on his plate and was taking some him time, which I totally understand. Now, we have been continually talking via text for about another week and we are set to go out tonight. He doesn't really shower me with compliments but says that I am awesome and that he likes to chat. He has only logged on a few times in the last week. I guess what I am confused about is do you think he really likes me, or at least enough to start something slow, or is it indicative of him not because he logs into the site every so often? Thanks so much!!


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  • I think he likes you. Logging into site is not really indicative of having interest or not coz' you never know he's busy with his life. Receiving compliments is not that reliable indicative also because anyone can compliment you a lot hence could be a player..
    He is interested with you because he shows it by spending time talking to you ( he wants to know you more), he is making an effort (he visits you on your breaktime at work) and he mean what he says when he had a lot on his plate and taking him some time.


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  • I met a guy online and -STOP. This is no way to live life. Go outside.

    • You should not judge people since you are giving advice on a website... you don't know peoples' situation. I have two jobs and a kid so forgive me for not having "getting out" time

    • to be fair that's true, the fact that I'm here kind of destroys my legitimacy

  • Yes he is!


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